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  • 執筆者の写真Mariko Oku

~Yamatogokoro to the world~Japan to the world with love and smiles!


初めまして!Makarita Japanです。

Very Nice to meet you!

This is Makarita Japan.


I’m going to share information about Japanese culture regularly in bilingual style, both in Japanese and English.

さて、今日は、初めてのブログ投稿ということで、まずは私の志と、Makarita Japanについて、少しご紹介出来ればと思います。

Well, this is my first blog posting today, so I would like to introduce you a little bit about my will and Makarita Japan.

古来より日本は、見えない潜象世界と、この現実世界との繋がりを大切にし、森羅万象全てのものに光を見出してきました。​ Sice  ancient times, people have held connections between this real world and the other invisible world in high regard in Japan so that they have seen the light of life in all the creations of this universe.

観光は、「観」る「光」と書きますが、Makarita Japanは、日本の「光」を「観」に来られた方に、真心を込めたおもてなしと共に、その日本のこころの光の美しさを、余すことなく感じて頂けるようなサービスを提供致します。 The Japanese expression "kanko," meaning sightseeing, consists of two Chinese charaters:'kan(観)' and 'ko(光).' 'Kan' represents "see," while,'ko' symbolizes "light." Through sightseeing,people can see the light of the country they visit. Makarita Japan will offer a soul-enriching service in which visitors can feel the beautiful light of Kokoro, the core spiritual essence of Japan, to the maximum.

Makarita Japan のMaka は仏説摩訶般若心経にもあるように「摩訶」に通じ、「偉大な」という意味を持ちそしてRitaは利他の心の「利他」を意味しています。 "Maka" of  Makarita Japan is equal to "摩訶(Maka)”or Great, which is found in the world-famous Heart Sutra in Buddhism (仏説摩訶般若心経), and “Rita” of Makarita means “Altruistism” based on great altruistic mind.


Makarita Japan will fulfill our mission of spreading the great altruistic spirit far and wide so as to contribute to creating  oneness world filled with great harmony .

遥か昔、縄文カタカムナ上古代まで遡ると、そこにはエゴや争いのなかった平和至上主義の時代が存在しました。 When we trace back to the Jomon period ( around 11,ooo B.C to 400 B.C.), we find people lived at the age of the principle of peaceful supremacy, during which period there exsisted no egoism or no wars at all.


People at that age had the ability to connect with the universe completely, held the value of life in the highest esteem, and get tied together with the power of love.


You can say the world of Imagine, which was sung by John Lenon, actually  existed on this earth.

この令和の時代は、人々が原点に立ち返る「原点回帰」の時代とも言われています。唯物主義と自我を拡大し、物質文明と争いの限りを尽くし、疲弊した人類が取り戻すべきは、目には見えないけれども、一番大切な「こころ」ではないでしょうか。​ This Reiwa(令和)era is said to be the era of ”Going back to the starting point.” We human beings expanded our ego and  materialism, being overwhelmed and emotionally drained with excessive materialism and frequent wars.

人々の思い一つに結ばる、愛と調和の世界は必ず来ると信じ、その調和の源泉である大切な「日本のこころ」を世界へ!大和心を広めていく活動を通じて、ご縁を頂いた皆様に、愛と幸せをお届け出来れば、この上ない喜びです。 I strongly believe the day will come when all the people can come together and the world will be filled with love and harmony. Therefore, I strongly believe that Yamatogokoro, the Japanese spirit of harmony, will help save the world! It’s my pure bliss to be able to send   love and happiness to all the people I met through my activities of spreading Yamatogokoro.

I hope someday you'll join us And the world will live as one  This is the last lylics of the song  "Imagine," sung by John Lenon.

ジョンレノンが歌ったイマジンの曲のように​​国境の垣根を越えた地球人として皆が手と手を取り合い、調和に満ち溢れる世界がきっと来ることを信じてやみません。​​ I also believe someday we put our heads together as earthlings beyound borders and the world will live as one.​

Makarita Japan 代表 奥真理子 ​President, Makarita Japan     Maiko OKu



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