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Makarita Japan Spiritual Tour          (KYOTO/OSAKA/NARA)
​Sample Tour

Original tour titles below are some of the sample tours of Makarita Japan.

The contents of itineraries and destinations are totally flexible.

I will offer you a perfect custom-made tour only for you by arranging it in most enjoyable patterns so that it will fit your request and preference.

Japanese Spirit Kyoto Tour

~Trace the history of the syncretism of Kami and Buddhas~

"How did Buddhism and Shinto blend together?"

"Is Shinto syncretic?"

"Are Shinto and Buddhism the same?"

"What do Shinto and Buddhism have in common?" etc...

You may encounter lots of questions especially about Japanese religions when you visit Japan,  

cause Japanese religions are totally tolerant, which makes them more complicated.

Japanese have followed their religions simply as time-honored customs; therefore it's quite difficult to understand the core concepts of the doctrine even for Japanese people.

I will answer all the questions raised in your mind while showing you transcendental and  syncretic spots in Kyoto, where  Kami and Buddhas have been living in harmony.

Kyoto Arashiyama Mystic Bamboo Forest Walk
~Find the subtle and profound beauty,

feel Zen and the life of court nobles~

Crossiing Togetsu-kyo Bridge overlooking the picturesque scenery of Mount Ogura in each season,

and going through the sprawling bamboo forest, you will stray into another world in which aristocrats and monks went through their vicissitudes of fortune.

Get your  inspiration through the ray of sunlight shining through the leaves of the bamboo forest.

You would get a deeper understandings of the  ' the pathos of things'  directly by your sixth sense through my guiding.

Guide fee

Half day(4hrs)   25,000JPY~(+10%tax)per group of up to 4)

        VIP 30,000JPY~(+10%tax)per group of up to 4)

Full day (8hrs)     35,000JPY~ (+10%tax)per group of up to 4)

          VIP  50,000JPY~(+10%tax)per group of up to 4)

The price includes...

・Private guide in English 

・Picking up at your hotel

・Memorial Album

 Not include...
・Entrance tickets

・Food and drink



Sado,"The Way of Tea," extensive mastering lesson with a professional tea master

 at a traditional Kyoto machiya house. 

(You can have a choice of 1 to 10 days)

More details, coming soon.

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