• Mariko Oku

カタカムナと日本文化 What's Katakamuna?​~Katakamuna and Japanese culture~



What’s Katakamuna?


Dating far back into the past even before the Jomon period around 12,000 to 40,000 years ago.,it is said that pacifistic civilization with no ego or wars flourished in the region of Asia.


This very super-ancient civilization is so-called Katakamuna civilization raised by the Katakamunan race, also known as Asian tribes, in which life itself had the highest value and people lived in love and harmony through the connection with the mother space.


People at that time developed high spirituality which enabled them to become one with the universe, so that they could control invisible energy in the way it surpassed the level of the latest technology we enjoy today.


Narasaki Kogetsu, one of the great scientists in Japan found rolled books which had been passed down to posterity in Hokura Shrine in 1949.

He devoted all the rest of his life to find how to decipher Katakamuna literature, which brought Katakamuna civilization to light in this modern age by breaking the seal of the hidden in its long history.


The Katakamuna literature which Mr. Narasaki copied is composed of 80 poems made by spirally lined-up graphic characters, whose lyrics are sung in the same form as Iroha poems with 7 and 5 syllables.

This trait testifies that Katakamuna can be the origin of Yamatokotoba, words of Japanese origin.


​In addition , the fifth and sixth poems inKatakamuna literature is made up 48 sounds, which produces Irohauta, a Japanese perfect pangram with 7 and 5 syllables, which characteristic also gives strong evidence to show that Katakamuna is the origin of Japanese.


It is amazing to know that each 48 sounds of Katakamuna shows the invisible physical laws of energy, which exist at the level beyond modern science, are intertwined with the power of words, which completely explains how the universe and the earth were created.


Actually, this real world and invisible world are two sides of the same coin, but we have forgotten the most important principle in our life, that is, “ What is essential is our invisible heart,"as a result of denying the invisible world by pursuing materialism thoroughly.



“Kata”of Katakamuna symbolizes things that have a shape, in other words,"visible things,”and “Kamu” of Katakamuna refers to our life energy, that is,"invisible things.”


Katakamuna shows the cyclic structure of our life energy in which “Kata” and “Kamu” combine together at the point of the life core of “Na,” which is equal to "+," leading to Ten or Plus.


This world, which we see now, is the world in which invisible wave energy coming out of our heart is reflected, which gives us an important lesson ”The state of mind at the present can transform all the realities in our life."

That principle was already proved in Katakamuna as the law of physics in the remost past, which is still applicable to the present day


There is a famous saying, “Seize the present day” as a fundamental concept in Japanese Shintoism. I strongly feel an idea of appreciating every moment of our life

in Katakamuna civilization back to the ancient Jomon peiod and this spirit has seen inherited to this day.

そして日本文化には、「茶道」「武道」「華道」「着道」「香道」「神道」etc… 様々な道がありますが、その根底には、「魂」の自分や森羅万象との繋がりを大事にしてきた精神が基盤となっていることからも、縄文の精神が日本文化に脈々と流れていることを、感じずにはいられません。

Furthermore, there are many ways in Japanese culture, such as “The way of tea,”“The way of martial art,”“The way of flower arrangement,”“The way of wearing Kimono,” ”The way of traditional incense,”,"The way of Kami(Shinto deity),” etc., whose fundamental spirits are all based on the connection with the inner soul of yourself and all the universe, which makes us realize that the core spirit of Jomon has been handed down in Japanese culture for many generations.


Katakamuna reminds us of the precious spirit we left behind in the human history before we knew it.


The truth itself actually existed a long time ago on this earth far far away, but at the same time, it is a quite novel and valuable universal truth for us living today.


I would like to unravel and transmit this universal truth, which Katakamuna taught me, from the viewpoint of Japanese culture, so that more and more people can have the chance to know and experience the wisdom of space.

Hopefully, I can be of any help to create the earth filled with love and harmony.

it is my greatest joy in my life to be able to contribute even a little bit to make world peace a reality by acting as a Katakamuna communicator.