• Mariko Oku

春色に輝く木々のように生きる Live like trees shining with spring colors in a rapture of delight


We are now in the season of "Momo Hajimete Saku," based on Japanese lunisolar calendar, which means that “The peaches will smile for the first time.”


The expression of "smile" when peaches "bloom" reminds me of the flexible sensitivity of ancient people.

桃は英語で「Peach」ですが、これはギリシャでの桃の名前のラテン語の古い学名「malum persicum(ペルシアの林檎)」からきており、そのうちにmalum が省略されてpersicum(ペルシカム)と呼ばれ、これが後に英語で「peach」と呼ばれるようになった経緯があります。

The word "peach" in English is derived from the old Latin scientific name for the Greek peach, "malum persicum" (Persian apple), and in time the word was abbreviated to "persicum," which later became the English word "peach. " This is how the word "peach" came to be used in English.


When we hear the word "peach," the first thing that comes to your mind is edible peaches, but in the Edo period (1603-1868), peaches were common for ornamental purposes and were called "hanamomo" (flowering peaches). At that time, various varieties of flowering peaches were produced, such as red, white, and purple, double-flowered, and weeping types, etc.

そして桃は多くの実をつけることから、聖なる多産の象徴の木とされ、女性の魅力を表すことから、英語では「I am your captive(私はあなたのとりこ)」「unequaled qualities(比類なき素質)」という花言葉をも持ちます。

The peach is considered to be a holy tree of fertility because it bears many fruits, and it also has the flower meanings of "I am your captive" and "unequaled qualities" in English because it expresses feminine charm.

大地のエネルギーのように生命を生み出す力を持ち、そして男性性の陽のエネルギーの輝きを、「内助の功」である女性性の隠のエネルギーで補っていく、女性ならではの働きは、まさしくunequaled qualities(比類なき素質)と言えるのではないでしょうか。

Like the energy of the earth, women have the power to create life.

The feminine function of supplementing the radiance of the yang energy of the masculine gender with the hidden energy of the feminine gender, which can be called as “the power of a wise woman" can truly be called unequaled qualities.


The peach is also called as “兆しの木“ or the tree of signs, as written in the Chinese characters for "tree(木)" and "sign(兆).”


Peach has been thought to be a sacred tree that can foretell the future and ward off evil, as described in the ancient Chinese legend, "Peaches are the spirits of the five elements, subduing evil spirits and conquering a hundred demons.” That’s why it also has a language of flowers that contrasts with its femininity, such as "invincible".


Famous story related the power of peach is depicted in the Kojiki(Records of Japanese Ancient Matters).

In the story, the deity named Izanagi throwed peaches at a demons chasing him and dispelled them with the sacred power of peaches to purge evil.


After the plum blossoms, the peaches just started to laugh, and shortly, it will be the time when the cherry blossoms start to laugh.


Every year, spring season reminds me of an impressive story by Fukumi Shimura, one of the famous dye artist in Japan, that I read in my junior high school Japanese textbook.



There is a technique called "cherry blossom dyeing," in which cherry blossoms are dyed in beautiful cherry blossom colors, but simply collecting cherry blossom petals and boiling them does not produce the color.

But if you dye it using the rough black bark of cherry blossom, you will get a beautiful and eye-catching cherry blossom color from it.


The cherry blossom color cannot be obtained throughout the year, but you can get the color when you dye using the bark of cherry trees in the mountains just before the cherry blossoms will bloom.


In the middle of winter, under the bark of the cherry trees, the rouge that dyes the cherry blossoms' petals with spring colors steadily comes to life.

In spring, the rouge that has been produced and stored under the bark begins to bloom and dye the petals with beautiful cherry blossom colors!


私たちも、この コロナの時代の転換期の冬の間を転機と前向きに捉え、自分自身と繋がり内在している無限の力に気付いた時、一番自分らしい色で、満開の輝きを放つことが出来るのだと感じます。

Just like the trees in spring, which will burst into full bloom with their hidden radiance of life power, I feel that we, too, can have the same mindset as spring trees in this difficult age with coronavirus issues, that is to say, when we can realize the infinite power that is inherent in us now, we will be able to shine in full bloom in the colors that are most like us in near future, overcoming this crisis.


As we stroll along the city streets, which are becoming more and more spring-colored day by day, the beautiful spring trees seem to be teaching us such an important lesson for our spirit.