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  • 執筆者の写真Mariko Oku

明後日開催!「JU•メキキユニバーシティ・海外出身者が語る日本学・万物活命」JU-Mekiki Univ:"JapaneseStudies and the Life of All Things"

明後日の2月11日(木・祝)建国記念の日に、海外出身でありながら、和文化に精通された先生方のお話「JU•メキキユニバーシティ・海外出身者が語る日本学万物活命」 会場とオンラインでのハイブリッド開催です! The day after tomorrow, Thursday, February 11, National Foundation Day, there will be a talk by professors who are from overseas but are familiar with Japanese culture, "JU-Mekiki University: Foreign Masters Talk about Japanese Studies and All Living Things.

It was a hybrid of online and in person!

私はこの日司会を担当させて頂きます。 ぜひのご参加、お待ちしております。 I will be in charge of hosting this event.

Looking forward to your participation!



Please come and listen to the voices of Masters from overseas who are more awakened to the spirit of harmony than the Japanese.



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