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双子座新月★日本人とお月さま  Gemini New moon ★Japanese and the Moon


本日5月23日の午前2時39分に、双子座新月を迎えました。 Past 2:39 am, It was a Gemini new moon today!

新月の月齢は0。ここから満ちていく時です。 A new moon refers to the moon when its phase is 0. It's the start of the time to turn into a full moon.


新月のエネルギーを味方に、新しい自分を作っていけるといいですね! A new moon can elate the spirits of deities so that you can get much more energetic power to make your dreams come true. Hope we can reinvent ourselves with the benefit of the new moon energy!


Since ancient times, the moon, which awakens our divine nature, and Japanese have been closely related to each other.

明治の初めまで、日本では、月の満ち欠けを基準とした太陰暦が使われていました。 月の満ち欠けと共に、農耕生活も営まれていた日本では、月はとても大切な存在で在りました。

Before the beginning of Meiji era(before the year of 1873), Japanese had adopted the lunar calendar, which is based on the waxing and waning of the moon. Japanese lived in their agricultural community based on the rhythm of the moon; that’s why the moon has been so special to us.


Our ancestors revered the divine spirit of the world and nature, worshipping the sunrise and the moon in everyday life to take their great nature power into their body, and coexisted with the nature.


Japanese have a unique spiritual sense in which we have seen the light of deities in all perishable things, which created one and only "Wabi and Sabi Culture," that is, ”the traditional Japanese sense of beauty in "simplicity and tranquility. "


In the same sense, Japanese have reflected “ the life energy circulation” in the nature rhythm of the moon phases, and they have felt as if it were showing the fleeting beauty and the power of reincarnation in our life.


That delicate sensitivity spun the thread of unique culture associated with the moon. For example, we have the custom of moon viewing to appreciate the beauty of the moon, and many poets and aristocrats wrote poems in praise of the moon grace.


The moonlight in the darkness gives us the peace of mind changing our dark side into the bright one with the calm energy.

新月からの月の光が増していくように、本日も、皆様にとりまして、幸せ増すな一日となりますように。 The moon is passing from new to full starting today.

Have a more and more infinite happy day like the light from the new moon increases!



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